Tuesday, December 01, 2009

India's tainted Generals....

Today, yet again, there was news of three top ranking generals of the Indian Army caught up in a land scam. Which means they are facing corruption charges.

It's amazing to me, as to how many 'flag officers' of the Army have been suspected of some misdeed or the other. There has been a meat scam, a 'booze scam' or even a tent scam, in which Generals are suspected to be involved. The ultimate being the 'coffin scam' during the Kargil war...

Its also amazing that these officers - clearly lacking 'Officer like qualities' and who have displayed conduct 'unbecoming of an officer' have actually risen to such high ranks in the Army's hierarchy. In the latest 'Sukna' scam in the North East, the generals are commanding Corps - extremely sensitive assignments held by individuals whose basic character is suspect.

And it makes me wonder - would I ever encourage my son to join the Army? Because, at some stage he might have a Boss in uniform who is corrupt. Would my son look up to his Boss as a leader?

How come most of the cases of corruption relate to Generals? Did they suddenly become corrupt after attaining a particular rank? Or is it that they were lacked integrity and honesty, indulged in activities that amounted to corruption at various stages in their career. The higher the rank attained, the bigger the act of corruption. And the system wasn't strong and robust enough to detect such cases?

Most likely the second possibility.

In my opinion such officers should not only be subject to the military Court of Enquiry followed by the Court Martial, but punishment should be exemplary so that in future any Officer even remotely considering indulging in a corrupt practice, should think twice.