Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Back to School !

School mates.....

People who grew up with, since you were less than 10 years old. Boys with whom you sat in class, played hockey, cricket and soccer in the school play field. Friends - with whom you teamed up to play pranks in class, and remained firmly united in not letting out who the culprits were.

Imagine being connected to most of them, even after three decades have passed since you left school!

This is the Class of '79 of Mt. St. Mary's School, Delhi Cantt, where I spent 11 of the most enjoyable yet significant years of my life.

I belong to that lucky group of friends who have remained connected all these years. Better still, this group of friends meet regularly - now with spouses, every once in a while.

For those few hours when we meet, each one of us goes back to that day and age, when we were 15, 16 years old. With the old bonds firmly in place, we connect to each others' present lives, and the trials and tribulations each one of us is passing through. We lean on each other's shoulder secure in the belief that each one will stand behind a class mate when he is in need of help.

Since this was an 'all boys' class, all spouses are women, who through this extended family, have connected to and befriended each other in many ways.

We look forward to every get together, and various excuses and occasions to organize one. The countdown starts a fortnight before. Till the final day arrives. We meet once in two or three months, but we meet like long lost friends. What follows is much laughter and joy, leg pulling, back slapping and 'what have you' - till the wee hours of the morning, when it is time to part. 

Then, we wait for the next opportunity to meet.