Friday, November 04, 2005

Do you care for your parents?

Recently, a friend related to me a true story about a man and his wife. These two devised a plan by which they conned their old parents into transferring their rights on practically all their assets - their house, bank balance et all, to the only son. The reasoning was that it was no longer worth living in India, but to go and settle overseas, all available financial suport was needed from the parents.
The son and daughter in law shared with the parents a plan for all of them to travel to a foreign Country together, and rent a house there and start life afresh. On the assigned date of the journey, all four reached the airport. The aged father was on a wheechair. Both parents were made to sit and wait in the waiting area, while the son and his wife left to complete check - in formalities.
They disappeared, never to be seen again. Took the flight out of the Country never to return and leaving the old parents were left behind in the wating hall of the airport, penniless and homeless.

The children did not plan to take the parents with them, to begin with.

Sounds completely unbelievable? It sure did to me. I mean - how can you possibly do this to your own father and mother? The very people because of whom you exist, and are what you are? Together they fought through thick and thin to feed you, educate you, and help you become a respected member of society.
A fast progressing society - aren't we? We've moved so fast that somewhere on the way, we lost track of the direction, turned right around, and reached the jungle.

Some of us are like animals.

My message to all of you who have read this. Sit back and think. Do you care for your parents? Do you make sure you do everything in your power, to make the twilight of their lives comfortable? Are they happy, not because of the material comforts you provide them but because they get a feeling that they are loved and wanted? Do you spend ten minutes of quality time with them everyday, even if its a telephone talk?

If you don't - act now. Or you might regret it when its too late. Care for your parents, so that your children see and learn to care about you.

Cheers !

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