Sunday, August 08, 2010


Once there was a young teenager who was training to part of his Country's diving team for the Olympics. He was an atheist but his loyal friend was a true believer in Christ. The athlete would on occasion listen to his friend's sermons. That was the only religious influence in the athlete's life.

One evening the athlete decided to go to the swimming pool to practice diving.. The lights in the indoor pool were off. But with the big skylights on the roof and a bright moon, there seemed to be enough light..
The athlete climbed up to the diving board and moved slowly to the edge of the board with his back towards the pool and his arms stretched, in a.typical diving stance. Then he saw his shadow on the wall. The shadow appeared to be a 'cross' !

So moved was he at this realization that he knelt down to pray to God.

As he rose up to take up the diving stance once again, he heard the door of the pool open and the saw the maintenance man walk in. The maintenance man switched on all the lights in the indoor pool area. The athlete instinctively looked down

The swimming pool had been completely drained out for cleaning..

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