Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Mr. Raj Thackeray - you are at it again!

 You and your team - The 'Maharashtra Navnirman Sena' seem to pursue you vision of a new ‘re-built’  home State with a missionary zeal.

 And what is your vision of the new State?

 Your new Maharashtra will –forget welcoming, not even tolerate a non- Marathi.

Doesn’t matter that in the years of its history, Maharashtra has only gained and prospered thanks to the millions of ‘outsiders’ who landed in Mumbai and other parts of the State and due to sheet dint of hard work, made success stories out of their enterprise. Yes they came to pursue their dreams, and realized them. But they gave to the State in equal measure. They were industrialists, film makers, actors, corporations.  It is by no small measure due to them that Mumbai today is regarded as  the financial and industrial capital of India, and Bollywood is the largest film industry in the World.


Your new Maharashtra loaths anyone who speaks in any language except Marathi. In a new found machoism, you and your missionaries will not spare anyone who violates this norm. Or should we call it the law? And that includes the Bachchans. And you will not tolerate his wife speaking in the National language in a public function, in Maharashtra. For this you will punish Amitabh Bachchan by banning all his movies in Maharashtra.


In fact your new Maharashtra will not tolerate any form of communication that is not in Marathi. Bill boards, retail store signages, movie posters – anything that is in Hindi or English is a strict no-no. Does your list include news papers also?


Whether you possess even a basic understanding of the term ‘democracy’ which was taught when you were in School, or, in the process of constructing a new State you also want to change its basic political fibre and that of India, can be debated.

 But one thing is clear. In the newly built Maharasthra, you are the law.  And you will expect all Mumbaikars and non-Marathi residents of Maharashtra to cow down in front of the terror that you and your self proclaimed law makers create.

The age old law and order and administrative machinery will sit on the fence and watch will great admiration, the crafting of a new State by the most loving son of its soil.

 And the continued feverish zeal and with your sense of patriotism, your ‘nav nirman’ of the State will be finally completed. This new State will be a fort. Very well fortified. No one and nothing will dare come near it. No one will be allowed to go outside. No trade, no industry no employment no nothing.

 And the day will dawn when the people of Maharashtra will gather to forever remember your invaluable contribution to the State.

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