Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tom & Jerry

Watching Tom & Jerry is an addiction. Every evening between 11.30 pm and midnight. Thirty minutes of sheer fun and joy !

While the stories flash by one after another, one is in stitches, as one story is funnier than the other. But you don't only laugh - when it is over, you are left with a feeling of only admiration for such a creative piece of art.

Every character has a special role to play. Jerry, wants to live in peace in his comfortable little house behind the wall. (His bed is made out of a can of sardines, and the legs of the bed, of match sticks).Once in a while he wants to steal a bit of cheese which he simply loves and cannot resist, from the refrigerator.

Tom has been employed basically to hunt him down. But his skills, speed and intelligence are no match to the little Jerry. So, more often than not he is at the receiving end.

Jerry wants to make peace with everyone. But when cornered, he displays courage, initiative ingenuity of the highest order to beat his main enemy and to save his skin. "Its not the size that counts - its the attitude" they say.

And there's the ferocious dog - 'Spikey' and his son 'Tiny' While most of the difficult and life threatening situations are handled by Jerry independently, he sometimes has to take help from 'Spikey'.

All Tom & Jerry tales are spun around these characters and Jerry's escapades.

You can simply not tire of watching these movies. On the one hand, they can be one of the best stress busters. On the other hand and more importantly you cannot help admire the creators' sheer imagination behind conceiving every story, situation, action, stunts and so on.

The stories don't ever seem to end.

I wish they don't.

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