Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Have we humans really 'evolved' as a species, over the past centuries?
More importantly, have we "Indians' evolved as a species?
I think not...

How else then would you explain how we behave - not like an 'evolved' species but as if we had degenerated across centuries, millenniums to, to possibly the 'stone age'?
Or maybe even earlier - when we were animals?

How else do you explain how we Indians behave on the road?
Fighting for that extra inch of space and meandering our way to get to the 'front' of the row of waiting cars on a traffic light? Because we just have to be at the top of the line...nothing else matters...?
Or zipping ahead and nearly missing colliding with a shocked sixty year old woman trying desperately and helplessly to cross the road, just because you had to be ahead of her. You just had to cross the road first, before she did?

How else do you explain how easily we become victims of 'road rage' Bludgeoning a fellow human being - a father, son, husband, to death...with a stone lying by the side of the road...Why? Because he had the audacity to honk his car horn and overtake me?

How else would you explain why a man, one of our 'species' is overcome by the most 'carnal' lust, goes and rapes a ten month old girl infant? How? How could he think of 'raping' a ten month old?

How else would you explain why or more importantly 'how' a fifty year old grandfather, or father in -law, overcome by the same desire, rapes his granddaughter or daughter in-law, or his own daughter for that matter?
Or how, the most respected gentleman in his community, the epitome of decency, invites young girls to stay in his house as paying guests, and then installs CAMS in their bathrooms to satisfy his lust in another way?

Intolerance, impatience, lack of respect, regard?
What else could have come over us?
Except the fact the we, as a species, have indeed, degenerated.

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  1. Is this 'degeneration' restricted to Indians??? Maybe so...Can't we have laws that punish the guilty...and the 'punishments' so harsh that they serve as an example to others and they dare not indulge in these activities..

    Of course educating the masses too...has to go side by it not?