Monday, February 23, 2009


Oh the wonderful, ecstatic and overwhelming feeling of 'winning' !

A long and tough journey now complete...

Of first setting sight on an objective, a goal that when achieved, would make the World sit up, gasp and wonder in amazement...

Of getting together a team of dedicated and talented members, all of whom share a common vision and are willing to 'do or die'.....

Of pulling together other resources and continuously facing challenges and problems some - financial, some administrative, social....yet being relentless and not giving up.

Of each team member committing himself or herself to give to the project, life's best ever effort.
For nothing lesser than the best would work.

Endless days, months of tireless efforts. No room for complacency, no 'letting go' or taking it easy.

Striving for perfection in every minuscule aspect of the project. For being perfect will matter.

And then the result of that toil....

The World does sit up and wonder in amazement....

"Slumdog Millionaire"  "Slumdog Millionaire" the favorite 'chant' of the weeks, months, and now on the final day....

Nominated for, in almost every area of film making that the Oscar is awarded for..

And Then - Eight Oscars.! 

The Film world in general and Hollywood in particular, notices this one film stealing the show...

A brilliant story, and classic piece of editing and screenplay showcased in a long time.

The beautiful musical score which transcends language and geographic barriers and gets every foot tapping across the Globe.

And above all, an achievement that makes all Indians stand up in disbelief - and then with pride. Because their Country's name is now permanently 'etched' on to the walls of Global fame for all times to come.


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  1. Seems India has arrived!! We all just need to take it forward...Jai Ho!!