Friday, May 01, 2009

King and his puppy

Once upon a time, not long ago, there lived a young boy who was very very spoilt. His name was King. Easy access to a lot of money made him think he was actually a king. The fact that he was very, very  wealthy made him arrogant. And to make matters worse, he was all alone. He had no parents who could check his behavior and tell him to mend his ways and be a little humble.

The story goes that one day, this spoilt young man decided to get himself a puppy. The best that was available. He knew that all he had to do was pay for it, and this wasn't a problem at all !
So he got himself the best puppy that money could find.

Once King had this puppy, he started treating it in a very strange manner. One day he would love it and the next day he would be very cruel. Sometimes he would over feed the puppy to the point that it got sick, and at other times, he would make it starve and that too made the puppy sick. He would either make the puppy walk and walk and run and run, to the point that it would almost collapse out of fatigue. At other times the puppy would just lie in the house for hours - in fact days, without any exercise.

Close to King's home lived an old man - an expert dog trainer, who would observe everyday, how King would treat the animal. And one day, when he couldn't resist, he advised King that this wasn't the way to look after an animal. Especially a pet. But we know that King was very very arrogant. Instead of taking the old man's advice he snubbed him outright. He told the old man that he had paid a lot of money to buy the dog. And if the old man had a problem, he should buy his own, and do whatever he wanted with it. The old man obviously shocked, withdrew.

One day there was a dog show in the area where Kind lived. King believed that since his dog was a very expensive dog, he would win the dog show competition outright, without any problem.
King was so arrogant that he went around the neighbourhood boasting to all and sundry, how his dog would win the show hands down. The neighbours listened. So did the wise old dog trainer. But they all kept mum.

Then came the dog show day. There were many competitions in different categories. To his shock and horror, King realized that whatever competition his puppy entered in, he came last.
The reason was simple. King had never trained his puppy. Only confused him with his erratic behavior and attitude towards the dog. And mostly ill treated him instead of loving him.

At the end of the competition, King's pup came last. King was very angry. So angry that he decided to just walk out from the show. Leaving his puppy behind. People called out to him "Hey King ! Take your dog with you. He's yours !" And King answered. "No this dog is a loser. He can't be mine. I don't want him anymore"

The poor dog, now abandoned, was completely shocked and dejected. He was now also orphaned.
He roamed the streets of the town for days, like a mongrel, hunting on his own for whatever little food he could lay his hands on. He would brave the rain, the cold and the heat. And other dogs would attack him and he would get wounded and battered. Then  he could take it no more.
Hunger, disease and more than that his broken heart all took their toll...... 

And one cold rainy morning, King's puppy died.

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