Saturday, May 02, 2009

A Lesson of life

In the hosptial room next to the one where my mother is admitted, was a small child - a boy of not more than 4 years, who was ill.
Yesterday in the morning, his condition worsened and he became critical. There was an alarm raised. In no time, all doctors, nurses and other paramedic staff rushed to his room to lend a hand. There was confusion. The parents realized that they are facing impending doom, were both crying in desperation.
However, in a short while, the situation turned around. Thanks to the doctors and nurses who kept their cool, and worked in a focussed manner, to avert the crisis.
Since I was in the adjoining room, I couldn't help walk across and sneak a peek. There was only one nurse keeping vigil. The parents had calmed down. All seemed to be well now.
Today I saw the boy. And the sight delighted me. For he was not only well, he was actually on his feet, and was dancing and prancing around the corridor of the ward. The smile on his little face won my heart. His right hand was bandaged and there were tell tale signs of innumerable pricks for drips and injections. He had dutifully worn the hospital dress meant for patients.The shirt nicely tucked into his long pyjamas which were folded many times aroung the ankles to fit his little legs.
A short while later, he turned away escorted by his father, and dancing into his room, to rest for the afternoon.
Looking at the child, I realized he had actually taught me a lesson. A simple principle in life. And that is, to forget pain and trouble, be happy and enjoy life. Something that most adults would not follow.
I decided that this child certainly needed to be given a ''prezzy" from me. So there are chocolates waiting to be given to him, the next time I spot him.

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