Sunday, June 20, 2010

My father didn't teach me anything.
Yet - in living his life, he taught me about living life.

He rose from a humble beginning and faced adversities when young
And I learnt about perseverance,determination and resolve

He brought up his young siblings
took care of his ageing and frail mother
Placing their welfare before his own
Always and every time
And I learnt about sacrifice

He stood upright through moments of trial
And I learnt about honesty, conviction and moral strength

When he was heart broken on the death of a sibling
and wept bitterly and unashamedly
I learnt about expressing and sharing grief

He took me for long drives and played with me
And I learnt about expressing and sharing happiness.

He loved to talk and share, cracked jokes and brought a smile to people's faces
And I learnt to enjoy the simple moments in life.

He sat long hours during the day, and at night
listening to 'raagas' with total concentration, fascination and involvement.
And I learnt to appreciate Indian music and India's cultural heritage.

He sat and sang 'bhajans' in praise of the Lord
in his melodious voice
Day after day - never tiring of it.
And I learnt about devotion and faith.

He went through mishaps, injuries, hospitals and surgeries
through his life
And when his call came from his Maker
He lay on his hospital bed
Suffering, quietly waiting for the final moment
of leaving this World, to be with God
And I learnt about enduring pain
And I learnt that our Life on Earth
is only a brief stop.

My father didn't teach me anything.
He just held my hand and walked through thick and thin....

He still holds my hand.

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