Friday, June 04, 2010

Summer in the West

Summer in the Western Countries - European as well as North American, is a stark contrast to winters. Whereas winters are dull, dark and of course cold, the summer months are very pleasant. Some Countries tend to get a little hot - like France.

But the one common feature across the Region is the unusually long days. Unusual, mainly because we Indians are not used to the day lasting beyond 7.30 pm even at the peak of summer.

This was the scene I witnessed, just outside my Hotel room in Brussels, on evening in June last year. The surrounding were so bright, even though the sun was appearing to be lower and lower on the horizon.

And then I looked at my watch - and was amazed to realize that the time was 9.30 pm. Broad daylight at a time when it is pitch dark back home in India !

One of the amazing marvels of nature, that one witnesses, as one travels to a different part of the World. This phenomenon also works to your disadvantage. Because as long as there's daylight, its daytime. So one tends to stay awake till very late in the evening.

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  1. writing better than ever... the photos are beautiful.