Friday, September 10, 2010

The Joint Commissioner of Delhi Police (Traffic)-Mr. Satyendra Garg, has threatened, that if a driver driving on a Delhi road does not give way to an emergency vehicle-like and ambulance, fire engine etc. wanting to overtake, all such vehicles will be hauled up, and the drivers will have to pay a fine of Rs 100. Their vehicles could also be impounded.
Finally, someone has decided to think about this problem ! I have in course of my daily commuting, been witness to this almost heart breaking spectacle on the roads of Delhi, when an ambulance with its siren shrieking, is desperately wanting to cut through the traffic and rush the patient to the hospital. I have wondered as to what must be going on in the minds of the occupants of the ambulance -specially the patients' attendants and near and dear ones, in this chaotic situation, where they must be totally helpless and frustrated.

But then I also wonder at Mr. Satyendra Garg's decision about imposing a fine. To me, it is unfair. There would be a handful of drivers, who are totally insensitive and do not move out of the way, when an ambulance or a fire engine wants to pass. And such drivers should be punished.

I am certainly not insensitive. But I have a problem with this decision taken by the police.
To understand the dilema of a driver who is otherwise a sensitive human being, and who encounters a situation where an ambulance is right behind him, depserately honking his horn, and blowing his siren, wanting to pass, you have to first look at this picture below.....

This is the normal scene on a typical road, at practically ANY time of the day. I travel on such roads daily, as do thousands of drivers. Just for a moment, imagine you are the driver of any one of those cars you see in the picture. And imagine that there is an ambulance or a fire engine behind you. ....

My question to you is - HOW - do I move out of the way to give way to that emergency vehicle? I along with others am 'packed' like sardines on this road. I cannot move towards my left, and I certainly cannot move to the right.

Where do I move??

Mr. Garg - I would like you to look at this photo also and answer my question please !

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