Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pakistan and Plebiscite in Kashmir

Mr Qureshi is at it again. Beating the same old "Kashmir' drum. This time he did it in his address at the UN General Assembly, much to India's chagrin.  Typical ploy to divert attention of Pakistanis when there is trouble within the Country. Little realizing that this 'game' played by the politicians and the Army in that Country, cannot go on forever. For instance the Americans are already calling General Kayani, a liar.But that is another story.

As regards 'plebiscite' in Kashmir is concerned - Mr. Qureshi should be categorically informed, that plebiscite is not the sole privilege of the Muslims of the State. The right to franchise in the plebiscite lies as much with Hindus and Sikhs, and the Buddhists in the State of J&K, as much with the Muslims. That's fair, isn't it? (That said I am personally not even convinced that it is a Hindu - Muslim issue. Peaceful co-existence between these two communities has been legendary, and generations old).

But that aside, is the welfare of the Kashmiris or the Kashmiri Muslims really Pakistan's concern? I can't digest that. More likely, it is the obsession of Pakistan, with that piece of land which they wanted at the time of partition, but didn't get. So the logical question is this - isn't plebiscite all about choosing or voting for a ruler or Government? And if my layman's understanding is correct, then one simplistic solution to assuage the concern of Pakistan about the Kashmiri's is this. Let the people of Kashmir decide. But they will decide on which Country they want to adopt. Those that want a Government like in Pakistan, should be accepted by that Country in a fully honorable way. Those that choose to stay back and prefer India, are obviously - more than welcome to stay back in their own homeland - Kashmir. 

But one thing is clear - Kashmir stays where it is - with India. 

What say - Mr. Qureshi? Time to demonstrate your 'genuine concern' for the poor Kashmiri...All those who want to go with you...take them all... 


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