Wednesday, March 11, 2009


"Do you celebrate Holi?" a colleague asked me yesterday.
"Yes - of course !" I told him. 'Maybe not celbrating Holi is the ''in'' thing -hence this question' I thought to myself.

And today, when Holi celebrations are over, I pause to reflect on how we celebrated the festival yet again - this year - today.

We celebrate Holi, by first connecting with the elders in the family. In our case, our Mother. Reaching out to her, mentally as well as physically. And on this auspicious occasion more than anytime else, seeking her blessings.

We congregate at Ma's place. All of us, brother, cousins, their families. And suddenly fill up her lonely world and life with a lot of liveliness. The entire space within the four walls of her house is filled with the sound of fun, frolic laughter and joy. The same house which was once ours. Where we lived and which once used to reverberate with people, voices, life...The house which for all times stands quiet, suddenly becomes a home. The same as is used to be, when we were part of it....

We 'reconnect' with cousins after a long time. Share what's happening in each other's lives. Remember the good old days gone by. When we were small and played together. And then experienced life each of us in a unique way as we grew up... Then coming back to the present. Making fresh resolves and promises for the future - to stay in touch and keep meeting.

And then sprinkling colors. Actually the colors are merely symbolic. But certainly a beautiful way of showering a lot of love and affection on each other. And the abundant love and affection exchanged between adults siblings and cousins, is at once 'visible' on each others' faces in the most beautiful, vibrant and colorful manner. What a lovely way of just coming together and wishing each other well !

This for me is Holi. Every year. And yes it is a big 'celebration' And I wouldn't want to celebrate Holi any other way.

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  1. Loved your piece. Yes..'Festivals' are a lovely way to 'connect' with elders, brothers, cousins, friends...The humdrum of routine life keeps us bogged down despite having 'feelings' for each other. More than mere 'feelings' even I have come to the realization that the 'display of those very feelings' is extremely important to show that we care...Thank God the 'festivals' come for us to 'connect'