Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Terror attack in Lahore - The shape of things to come?

The killing of five policemen and two others at Liberty round about in Lahore blows the lid off the security arrangements in the city, especially at a time when the Sri Lankan team was visiting the city. Yes,

Policemen fought valiantly and somehow succeeded in keeping the Sri Lankan team largely out of the harm’s way. Nevertheless it is a security lapse and a huge intelligence failure.

As soon as the incident happened, critics in Pakistan and elsewhere sprung into action blaming it on their usual suspects. While some said categorically that it is the RAW paying us in the same coin others blamed it on the jihadis from our Western borders. Probably a more intelligent interpretation, is that of Governor Salman Taseer who believes it is the very people who carried out attacks in Mumbai last year. Are we facing a common enemy?

People in Pakistan are shocked and scared. Like many incidents of terrorism in the past we don’t know if the perpetrators of this incident will ever be identified and brought to book.

Only a few years ago, terror attacks were largely confined to the remote tribal areas. Then the terrorists started moving towards the settled areas of NWFP; then later to Islamabad where they struck the army headquarters. And then there was no looking back for them.

This mishap, far from being an isolated terrorist incident has much more widespread ramifications. That the entire Country is a 'lawless' State is amply clear. That Pakistan is slowly but surely falling into the hands of the Tali ban, what with a spineless political and administrative set up, torn between the Clergy and the Military, is food for thought.

What happened to Afghanistan might be the shape of things to come in this Country too. And there is no reason to reject the thought that if Pakistan gets Talibanised, will India, its closest be the next victim?

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  1. The perpetrator's of the Mumbai were the LeT...beyond any doubt..with the backing of the the presumption that the people who carried out the Mumbai attacks and the attacks on the cricketers in Lahore are the probably incorrect...

    If the Prime Minister of our country spoke in Parliament that 'terrorism' was an instrument of state policy of our neighboring country...I am sure he would have said it after 'quality' inputs were provided to him..

    But as they say...the 'demons' which they created have come back to haunt them...It could have been the HuJi or any other such organization..backed by the LTTE..who could have carried out the attacks in Lahore...And as regards it being a RAW operation..I can say confidently..that cannot the powers that our country...would NEVER have cleared such an operation

    Our neighboring country is very close to a state of total anarchy..and we can only pity them...Maybe they will very soon have 'martial law'

    As far as our country goes we should not be afraid of any form of 'Talibanisation' We are a peace loving nation..but when someone 'attacks' our freedom , I guess we have learnt to deal with it with an iron hand.