Saturday, March 07, 2009

Thanks - Mr. Mallya

Mr. Mallya,

We did not expect that help would come from you, of all the people. At a time, when the last memorabilia, things belonging to 'Gandhi' the 'Father of our Nation' were being auctioned by someone in some other part of the World.

Not one Indian amongst the one billion of us paused to think that these items shouldn't have left India in the first place. Not one of the thousands of the staunch followers of Gandhi or the practitioners of Gandhism raised their voice in protest at the most blatant form of insult meted out to Gandhi.

And when the issue came to light, the Indian Government, led by insensitive 'Netas' devoted full time, not to the principles that Gandhi preached and exemplified, but only to furthering their own ends, and caught in bureaucracy and red tape, just sat and watched.

The World also watched - some surprised at the attitude of our Country. And some were even amused. For they knew that 'this happens only in India'

And then you - Mr. Mallya, you took the initiative. To redeem India's prestige,lots of it lost in the eyes of the Global community. To do, what the Government of India should have chosen to do in the first place, and not allowed anyone else....

But watch out Mr. Mallya. The 'Netas' and the 'Babus' aren't ashamed of themselves.
Rather, they are waiting to get to you. They will now dig out and flash 'The Antiques and Art Treasures Act 1972' And they will tell you about Tariff Item 9705.
Which essentially means that when Gandhi's personal items, things which should have been restored to their rightful place by the State years ago, are imported by you, a common citizen, you will have to get a license from the Director General Foreign Trade. And you will have to pay customs duty for import of these items.

But you do know that - don't you? You took a similar step to bring back the sword of Tipu Sultan. Remember the bureaucratic hurdles you faced then?

But remember Mr. Mallya. It's great you've brought back "Bapu's personal items, which should be preserved as a part of the National Heritage. Please do not now make the mistake of handing them over to the Government. Give them to 'Sabarmati Ashram' for all we care, or to some other Institution - there are many who have pledged to propagate the principles of Gandhi.

Or keep them in your own home. After all, they now belong to you. You paid a price to buy them.

Remember, they will be preserved and will remain secure anywhere, but not with the Government of this Country.

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  1. Not with the Government at all! How true. And the way the Government reacted to the drama was also quite interesting!