Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Commonwealth Games - more popularly referred to as CWG - 2010, are finally over. And India managed to put up a rather good show, despite all bungling, disasters and controversies.

But just because the Games were finally a success, does not mean that those guilty of all the corruption, mismanagement of the entire project, delays and disasters, should be allowed to go scot free.

The guests - mainly the athletes from about 70 Countries had a nice time - and even they are now admitting it.
The foreign media, so critical at two weeks ago, is not shying from stating that the CWG 2010 were the best ever.

To a 'peripheral observer' like me, and to one indirectly impacted, as I am a citizen of Delhi two aspects related to the Games will remain 'top of mind'

First - 'Bravo' to the Delhi Police force, for having successfully managed a huge, huge challenge - that of  ensuring security and an incident free Games for a fortnight, and for having organised and controlled the traffic in a City, that has more number of vehicles than the total number of vehicles in Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata put together. The police was 'visible' on the roads, with smart policemen and women constables lined up on every major road, in neat, new uniforms. They were there, stuck to their posts for long tiring hours, every day of the entire duration of the CWG Games.

Thanks to the Delhi police - traffic was smooth, and no untoward incident marred the smooth progress of the Games.

Second - shame on the Australian delegation ! For the worst kind of behavior displayed on the last two days of their stay in India. They call themselves athletes, and they did win the most medals in CWG 2010. But were they sportsmen? Not really ! The created a 'ruccus' and 'booed' Sachin Tendulkar when they heard that he had scored a double century in the 2nd test match against their compatriots.

The next day, when India won the test match, the Australian delegation literally went berserk. They went on a rampage - destroying the property in the Games village, and even threw a washing machine from the eight floor of the building they were staying in. 

Here again, it was the Delhi Police that came to their rescue and saved not only the guilty, but also the Country from a major political and diplomatic embarrassment. The Delhi Police let bygones be bygones, and did not register a case at all !  I wonder if the Australian police would have been that magnanimous if the Indian delegation had misbehaved.

Two aspects of the same event, same happening. One praiseworthy and the other, deserving condemnation. One, an example of implementing discipline in a police force. And the other, of a team expected to be disciplined but breaking discipline in the worst possible way.

'Jai Ho' - India - for the all time highest medals tally. Keep it up !

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