Monday, October 04, 2010

Let the Games begin...!

I have to confess - that there is a 180 degree turnaround in the state of affairs since - let's say a month ago.

Well- maybe not a full 180 degrees but we're getting there....

We had corruption, missed deadlines, shoddy workmanship, a complete absence of leadership etc. etc.
And all of this was highlighted by the Arnab Goswamis and the Barkha Dutts of the World. Today while they are being lambasted for having focused on only the negatives, the media sure has my appreciation. Had not the media cried hoarse over the massive bungling in every department, we the people wouldn't ever have realised the seriousness of the situation. Neither would have things started changing for the better.

So now, most of that is behind us. And going by what one has seen of the 'bandobast' in our own 'Dilli' the planning and organizing has been worth appreciating. Particularly the 'two lane traffic' The cops are more than visible - policemen and policewomen, in new clean uniforms. The 'janta' is following traffic rules - mainly for fear of being fined Rs 2000. Whatever be the motivation, people are acting decent on the roads - and that's a change.
The roads are newer and cleaner. And the icing on the cake -is Dilli's own brand new Metro train.

The one event that probably reinforced the confidence amongst the citizens of Dilli and also of India, was the opening ceremony yesterday.

Some aspects of the presentation were familiar scenes - showcasing India's rich cultural heritage...

What was unique this time, was the use of technology. The 'aerostat' balloon, supposed to have been bought at a staggering 65 crore was an instant hit. The same can be said about the laser show.

The dances were choreographed well and executed almost flawlessly perhaps because the performers were a set of highly enthusiastic school children. The music was refreshingly original, and above all, there were no glitches - no breakdown, no power shut out - no nuisance.

Nothing is complete without a good audience. And a good audience we had - about 65000 enthusiastic people, who cheered with a sporting spirit not only the home contingent, but also those from the neighbouring Countries like Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

A great show which was meticulously planned was successfully presented by India, to its guests - participants in the CWG as well as millions of viewers across the Globe.

The World got to see India that is not only a cultural treasure, but also a 'Modern India'

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  1. I agree with every word of yours Puneet. The show was very tastefully done, nothing mundane or predictable, the audience charged the atmosphere with their enthusiasm.