Sunday, November 02, 2008

Farewell - Jumbo !

Anil Kumble - Jumbo to his teammates and fans, announced his decision to quit professional cricket, at the end of the 2nd test match in the current series against Australia.

Jumbo was one of the most celebrated and respected cricketers in the history of World cricket.
The third largest number of wickets taken - 619, in the history of the game.  One of the only two players to have taken all 10 wickets in an innings. Jumbo played 132 test matches for his Country, in a long and illustrious career spanning 18 years.

Numbers apart, Jumbo was always respected for his professionalism  and fighting spirit. In the age of 'sledging' and agrressive behavior he stood out as a gentleman. For these qualities, he will remain a 'role model' for many young aspiring cricketers.

Many so called 'experts' of the game are surprised at Jumbo's decision which was made right in the middle of a test series. Others have wisely commented, that it was the right time to go. He was thought of as one of the many 'seniors' in the team who have overstayed their tenure and are now passengers. All of this is debatable. Jumbo still had a lot of cricket left in him and should have been given his due...

At the end of the day, it was Jumbo's decision and has to be respected.

All good things must come to an end - they say. Jumbo will forever be remembered for his professional competence - as one of the greatest spinners of the ball. More importantly he will be remembered as a great human being on and off the field.

Farewell - Jumbo. Your departure is a loss to the game of cricket and to the Indian team. I am sure you will continue to be associated with the game in one way or the other.


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