Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mumbai - Wednesday November 26, 2008

Terror in Mumbai !

In what can easily be termed as the most audacious terrorist attack on India, a reasonably large number of terrorists landed in Mumbai by sea - undetected. And in the hours that followed, unleashed terror of an unprecedented magnitude, in South Mumbai, targeting two 5-Star Hotels, a cinema complex and the one of the busiest railway stations of the Country. 

Wednesday (last) night - will be one which the World in general and Indians in particular will not forget in a long time. Two prestigious Hotels, one of them a National landmark slowly burned to almost complete destruction. Hundreds of people - Indians and foreigners taken hostage by the terrorists or trapped inside their rooms. Many innocents killed in the indiscriminate firing and grenade blasts on VT Station. 
Three senior and very dedicated police officers who rose above the call of duty and chose to defy the perpetrators of terror, made the supreme sacrifice and laid down their lives. 

Over a hundred people dead and over 300 injured at the last count.

And an entire Nation brought to its knees by a in shock, disbelief and frustation.

All this while the Intelligence agencies sleep, security forces 'react' and politicians blame the rival party. And wait for the next such disaster to happen

Human life is cheap in India - in fact of no value.


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