Saturday, November 01, 2008

Sunset at Langkawi

The sea has always held a fascination for many and I am one of them. That it can offer an absolutely unbelievable, breathtaking spectacle, was a learning and one of the most fascinating experiences of a life time.
In Langkawi, Malaysia, there are a countless number of beaches. Each one that you visit will provide a different view of the sea face.

Nature's miracle begins to unfold at sunset time. As the sun begins to set, the sky changes many colors - one after the other with each scene created transitioning into the next one. You will for instance see the sky painted grey and the water surface filled with streaks of silver which is the water reflecting the sunlight of the setting sun. You turn you attention away for only a few moments, and the next scene unfolds which could be a bright orange sky - almost as if it is on fire. And very quickly you see the entire expanse of the horizon - the sky and the sea water turning bright orange. And, as the sun slowly goes down, the orange light dims from on top of the water and for the few remaining moments of day time, remains only high above in the sky. Another fascinating spectacle - the land and the sea engulfed in darkness, and the sky still brightly lit up, in light and then deep orange, then grey.
Physicists explain this as the 'scattering' of light. Whatever may be the explanation, this is one scientific phenonmena which instead of being profound to many, is easily understood and marvelled at.

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