Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mumbai Part III (Saturday, Nov. 29, 2008)

Politization of terror

The crisis at Mumbai had built up to its peak. 

Word spread that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Leader of the Opposition LK Advani
would visit Mumbai together to review the situation.

 In a crisis situation when all other considerations party ideologies and other differences should have been overlooked and the leaders should have stood together representing not their parties but India - one Nation.

They went their separate ways.

Mr. Narendra Modi of the BJP and the Chief Minister of Gujarat and expressed his desire to come and visit Mumbai

Modi was very politely requested to not come as this was not the right time. A time when the anti terrorist operations were underway and the entire team of the Government and the administration was preoccupied with the massive operation. He chose to ignore the request and landed up near the Oberoi Hotel, delivered a 'bhashan' and announced a compensation of Rs 1 crore to the families of the brave police officers who lay down their lives fighting the terrorists.

Hemant Karkare's wife has refused to accept this compensation.

Raj Thackeray, the coward bully, who along with his party - The Maharashtra Nav Nirman Sena, has in the recent past been targetting innocent non-Maharashtrians who have come to live in Mumbai by beating up North Indian taxi drivers and workers, quite predictably lay low amidst these entire 60 hours of the crisis. He did not have the courage to come forward and fight these non-Maharashtrians of a different kind. Physically fighting terrorists being a far fetched thought, he did not have the courage to even voice his opinion and take a stand that his thoughts and heart were with the Nation.

Raj Thackeray did however shamelessly land up at the funeral of Hemant Karkare. And was snubbed and sent back.

The above three instances in the recent past exemplify the dirty, third rate and shameless behavior of the worst kind of politicians in our Country. 

And for perhaps the first time - the citizens of India in general and Mumbai in particular have refused to look aside and ignore their behavior and have said "enough is enough"

And like her husband, Mrs. Karkare along with her family have displayed true courage in snubbing these political leaders - who lack any character.

Once again, the Nation stands by and respects the supreme sacrifices made by the policemen, the three  NSD commandos and scores of other people - particularly the Hotel staff who considered their duty above their own personal safety, and in one case the safety of his family, at every moment of the long 60 hour period.

As per news reports, Karambir Kang, the GM of the Tah Mahal Hotel who lost his wife and both children aged 14 and 11, in the raging fire on the 6th floor of the Hotel, is still on duty at the Hotel.

A stark contrast of character.


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  1. Yes..I think Shobha De captured the mood of the general public by coining the phrase 'Enough is Enough'

    But among all this disillusionment... I see a small silver lining...maybe because of the public backlash...this time around...rising above party lines...maybe some concrete steps are taken...which could and should be implementation of the police terms of providing them more autonomy..better equipment & setting up of a Federal Intelligence Agency...Other than living on 'Hope' do we have any other choice?