Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Election Circus comes to town

It's election time in India! And the common man is once again witness to what can best be described as a political circus that has come to town.

One cannot probably even count the number of parties and 'leaders' striving to come to power. But the common trait amongst all is that they do not have any election agenda or manifesto. So the best that they can do is to downgrade the opponents.

For one National party, the only salient point in their election manifesto is that the present Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh is 'weak'. And they go around the Country trying to convince people not about how they will form a better, more effective and result achieving Government, but simply that the current Government should be voted out.

Then there is another party who take great pride in announcing that if elected they would ban English language and computers in the State of UP. Thankfully on this one, the people of the State have reacted and termed this agenda as outrageous, illogical and repressive. Is this party worth leading India towards progress in the 21st century, or is it yet another manifestation of the 'Talibanization' of this free, democratic and secular Nation?

Then there are supposedly great leaders of political parties who, rather than bringing anything of value to the table, can only talk of 'budhiyas' and 'gudiyas'

Desperate attempts to get elected, come to power and perpetuate corruption.

Apart from being termed outrageous and irrational, most of what these leaders say, also seems to be a joke. And collectively, all of our leaders by letting us know of their thought process, have helped us conclude that they at best can be called a bunch of 'clowns' in a Countrywide circus that has started and will continue for the next few days.

Many of these so called 'Netas', have remained in politics for decades. And in such a long time, have let their own minds rot, as also those of the masses they lead. Almost all of them have talked big and contributed next to nothing to the progress and development of India.

These men some of them well into 70s and 80s, can only think backwards, inwards from an extremely narrow minded perspective. Are they really leaders? Does merely wearing Khadi and waxing eloquent qualify them to be called so?

One election campaign doing the rounds in India, is different from the others in that it does not belong to any political party. Instead it is aimed at making Indians aware of this malaise that India is affected by. And sums it up very logically - when every Indian in service retires at the age of 60, how come these political leaders entrusted with the most significant task of running the Country have no retirement age?

The voter in India needs to think real hard this time. And exercise his franchise in a responsible manner. To bring about change. Conventional Netas, leaders and the like - all need to be 'trashed' Bring young, well meaning, serious minded people to the platform and give them a chance. Maybe people with proven credentials and track record in their professional fields be it social service, bureaucracy or even corporate management.

In short, it is the voter who has to ensure that the management of this Country is a serious minded affair and not a circus.

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