Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Murky Politics

India was witness in the recent past, to murky politics. Not surprising though, as politics is a dirty game, more so in India. But what is unbelievable, is the extent to which our so called leaders of the Nation have stooped, to further personal gains and those of their Parties.

We saw for instance, a young 29 year old political 'nobody' trying to launch himself into what probably is the only profession he knows he will succeed in - politics. And what does he do to make a 'grand entry' into the arena? He, in the most blatant and daring manner, publicly spits communal venom, instigating illiterate and innocent rural folk of different religious communities to start hating each other. Why? So that the population is polarized and he gains votes. What an idea to launch his political career !

Then we saw a major political party with some of the supposedly respected senior politicians, all staking claim to be the ideal set of leaders to form the next Government - actually supporting this young man, and justifying his actions.

And then some other Groups, changing loyalties, and breaking alliances by the day.
Dropping friends like a hot potato. All for the sake of votes. Because through votes they can get power....Fooling the innocent masses. So innocent, that they vote but they don't even know the name of the candidate or the Party they voted for ! Or some so poor, that they will go to vote because they get paid some pittance to do so.

The cycle repeats itself, every five years. The intensity, blatancy and audacity enhanced each time. Meanwhile millions of Indians continue to get short changed, manipulated and fooled at the hands of so few...

And who are these 'few' They are criminals - petty thieves to murderers, rapists and even dacoits. Ex-civil servants, who were once branded by their own colleagues as the most corrupt bureaucrats and condemned. With their career in bureaucracy now in peril, they have jumped into the political bandwagon. You have them all. Candidates who claim they can lead this beautiful Country to progress, development and prosperity through the 21st century.

Who is to blame for this mess? It's us. The 'intelligentsia'- the upper and middle class of educated people - actually the totally indifferent ones. Most of whom do not even bother to exercise their franchise...Cynical in their view that nothing will change. Yet forgetting that as citizens of this Country, they too have a responsibility for the sorry state of affairs.

As one television campaign aptly sums it up. If we are not voting, we are sleeping - while this Country is systematically and comprehensively being led to its doom.

It is time the masses especially the educated ones, woke up to this reality. That they indeed are the ones who can influence change. That they can take the current situation head on, and either lead or participate in bringing about change. Simply by exercising their choice. It is time that each one of us recognized the collective strength of a unified movement. A movement to put an end to this form of dirty, murky politics, and to cleanse the entire system. To bring about a revolution in India.

And what better opportunity than now? Because five years later, is five years too late.

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