Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mayawati and her Ambedhkar Udyaan

Just across the road from where I work, there is a huge wall that has recently been constructed, of red 'Kota Stone' running all along the length of the main road for few kilometers. Obviously, there is more behind the wall, but the common passerby cannot make out what.

But now the cat has been let out of the bag. A brand new 'Dr. Ambedhkar Udayaan' is being constructed - thanks to the sole initiative of the current chief minister of the State of Uttar Pradesh - Madam Mayawati.

This park is estimated to cost the ex-chequer a whopping Rs. 300 crore. Actually the tax payers' money. It is supposed to have statue of not only Dr Ambhedkar, but of Mayawati herself. And apart from these, there are expected to be seven elephants made of granite, that will add to the glamour of the brand new park !

Why is it being built? Does the common citizen of UP want it? The answer as expected is a 'no'..

A most 'warped' sense of expression of respect to a great man? Or a way of spending public money, supposedly for a good cause and then siphoning a neat sum out of the budget?

Thankfully, the residents of Sector 15A, opposite which this park is being built, have now filed a public interest litigation in the Supreme Court of India, to obtain a stay. Apparently, environment related considerations have been totally ignored, in the zeal and the hurry to get this project off the ground and completed.

Two such Ambedhkar Udayaans were constructed in the City of Lucknow many years ago, by spending equally lavishly. One, very close to where I lived. And my personal observation was that the local residents went for their morning and evening strolls, walk, exercise and so on, to every single park in the area but the Ambedhkar Udyaan.

The question again is - Who are these parks being made for? And more importantly, Ms. Mayawati the self proclaimed disciple of Dr. Ambedhkar, who projects herself as probably the only individual of the present generation who truly remembers and respects this great champion of the 'downtrodden' should pause and think - Is this how Dr Ambedhkar would like to be remembered? How about spending the 300 crore rupees in improving the lives of the poor, the downtrodden, the so called 'Dalits' residing in UP?

Mayawati - wake up !Because the common man has woken up, and noted that behind your 'warped' sense of display of respect towards Ambedhkar, there's actually an attempt to hoodwink the public.

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  1. The residents of Sector 15A have a strong case...some govt notification of 2006 stipulates mandatory Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) within 10 km of a protected area...and I believe the Okhla Bird Sanctuary nearby has already been designated as a protected area...

    The real reason for the 'Ambedkar Udayaan' I guess we all know...but what surprises me is how this 'lady' manages to befool the electorate of UP all the time...