Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It's just one game won...

So, Mr. Khan's team won a match yesterday.

Big deal? Seems so, for him. In the interview with Madira Bedi yesterday, he made it more than obvious.

So what's the problem in the team owner being happy if his team won a match? No problem - in being happy per se, and expressing it.

But I definitely have a problem with the attitude with which you let your feeling be known to all cricket fans, and your fans across India and the world.

Your attitude suggests that you have a problem with all your critics and you cannot digest any criticism. So you tell the World what you will say to each critic when your team wins the Trophy and when you go back to Kolkata with the IPL trophy, riding a 'barge' ..

And while you should be thankful that your team won courtesy the Duckworth-Lewis method, your comments about M/S Duckworth-Lewis suggests utter contempt for the method as well as its authors. Being a team owner, have you by now, studied the method comprehensively? You haven't because you openly expressing your ignorance.
If you had done so, you would have appreciated it as the only scientific way to conclude a game under specific circumstances.

Using words on open media which border on being vulgar, cracking jokes which aren't really amusing many people least of all me - all suggest an underlying attitude of pure arrogance and a poor sense of humor. And above all, a very large degree of immaturity for sure.

You might be there in S. Africa to be with your team and to be involved, motivating them and seeing them win. You might be trying to tell all of this to all the viewers, but what you are ending up doing is to convey a sense of insecurity and desperation and an urge to stay in the limelight even there in the IPL tournament, unlike most other owners who maintain a low profile.

Come on Mr. Khan -its only cricket. And its only one game that your team has won.

Keep your fingers crossed. While I wish you good luck, it just could happen that you miss that ride to Kolkata on that barge..

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  1. Spare the 'Khan'...I too heard his interview yesterday...seems he is very passionate in what he does....his knowledge of D/L will be as much as the 'cricketers' on the field....I agree with you partially though, that he does many a times put his foot in his mouth...Its becoz of that only I changed my loyalties from KKR (last season) to Chennai Super Kings, this season..( mainly becoz of my liking of the current cricket Capt -Dhoni)