Wednesday, May 05, 2010

2010 - A New Beginning....

For some strange reason a Tweet by Priyanka Chopra, about her grandmother's demise, made me turn back the 'pages' of my blog, and revisit a tribute I had written about my own grandmother-my 'Dadi' some months ago. Perhaps it was a sense of empathy I don't know Priyanka Chopra but I could relate to the emotions that would have crossed her mind when she lost her grandmother.

I read the blog I had written - once again. And once again, my heart filled up with pride for my late grandmother, who was a person who I admired as much as she loved me.

And in reading this blog of mine, I also realized that I visited my blog page for the first time in the year 2010 ! And felt like 'kicking' myself for not having lived up to the promise I had made to myself, of writing regularly.

My mind went through a 'rewind' of all that has happened during 2010 thus far, events and experiences that kept the World occupied and busy. Delhites went through a rather bitter winter - tough to experience but one that left behind good memories. Then came the controversies. And as if political ones weren't enough, we had one in sports - now popularly called the 'IPLGate' The Country also struggled with the menace caused by the Naxalite and Maoists in parts of the Country. India's tainted Generals about whom I posted my last blog of 2009, were brought to book, and the Officer who had the courage to stand upright against his Boss and call a spade a spade, came out with flying colours and became the 24th Chief of Army Staff of the Indian Army.

Ajmal Kasab's trial was successfully completed and while everyone is all praises for the speed at which it was concluded, I personally thought it should not have taken even half as much time....

And much more happened - even volcanoes and earthquakes, all that left one dazed and marvelling at the extent and variety that Nature can demostrate to us humans.

On the personal front, a trip to Europe while the Continent still grappled with one of the worst winters, was a tough but enjoyable experience. Denmark witnesses more snow than the total put together in many years. In Barcelona, it must have been one rare occasion in history when it had last snowed. And then it happened this winter. And citizens had to bear the brunt when the entire infrastructure collapsed as a result.

Above all, it was perhaps one of the most significant phases of one's own life. A time of new resolves, determination, giving up habits - some clearly bad, and some not necessarily so...and starting new ones - new routines - all for the betterment of ones body and mind...

As I look back at the last four months, I realise how much flashed by, about which I could have written right here on this page.
But the past is past. And as long as there are humans on this Earth, and as long as Nature exists, there is promise of so much more to come....

So here's to yet another determined effort to write, write and then some..

And here's to good health and happiness to all !

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