Friday, May 07, 2010

Animal Behavior

I can't help go through the Press reports again and again as the true nature and extent of the horrific incident related to animal cruelty registers in my mind. And as my mind comprehends, I feel myself going into a 'daze' ....

This incident is so extraordinary that after reading about it, I cannot display emotions like anger, horror ridicule etc.

Instead my mind starts to think rationally, and go over the event reported in the media.

Last Sunday afternoon, some miscreants breached the security in a well guarded Government complex - The Delhi Jal Board at Lajpat Nagar, despite full deployment of security guards, and presence of a sizeable number of Jal Board personnel who were on emergency water supply duty.

Their task? To round up and kill stray dogs. Dogs which had used to reside inside the DJB complex !

I wondered.... are human beings capable of premeditated murder of dogs?? Why?

These miscreants with the help (most likely the case) of some of the DJB personnel proceeded to unleash what can best be described as sadistic and cannibalistic torture of the hapless animals.

The 11 dogs were cornered, their legs broken, cuts inflicted and bodies pierced with 'bhaalas' and other sharp objects, before they died. Their bodies were cut and chopped.

Not only this - some of the dogs who ran into the Jal Board building in sheer desperation were rounded up again and subject to the same treatment.

It is reported that the carcass was preserved later for human consumption.

The above graphic description alone, will make any normal person feel sick. Imagine how the minds work, of the people who performed this ghastly act.

There should be no doubt that a normal human being cannot display the type of behavior described above. So are these people normal?

We live in a City, where an innocent human being can be murdered in full public view, and it can take more than a decade before he is brought to book. So when we talk about animals being killed is there somebody listening?

The Delhi Jal Board Chief being a bureaucrat, has been loyal to his professional and provided a befitting response - he hasn't yet received the formal report sent to him by the Animal Welfare Board of India (whereas this report was e-mailed to him by Maj Genl Kharb, Chairman).

The Delhi Police are burdened with more significant matters (on which they will not act anyway) - Will they respond to an incident involving killing of dogs - that too stray ones ? Anybody's guess.

In my opinion all animal lovers should come together and lodge a strong protest with all agencies involved. And continue to protest till they are heard.

And I think this protest should not have so much to do with the killing of innocent animals.

The protest has to do with the inaction thus far, in rounding up a group of people who possess an unsound mind, and therefore are a danger to society. What stops them from attacking humans one day?

These people don't seem to be in a 'normal' state of mind. And I won't be surprised if it is foiund that they require psychiatric treatment, before they are punished as per the applicable law.

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  1. Well said Puneet they are mentally sick and definately the cops are involved
    we saw bones scattered on the lawns which we pointed out to the cops who after 1 hour arranged plastic bags to gather them ... this after investigation has been done ...5 daysafter the incident!
    the cops after picing up the bones says madam aap chahte kya haiin aap ne bola haddiyan utaneko to humne utha lee
    also a cloth soacked with blood was found and the cop tells me its ketchup!
    Kids playing in the park infront of jal board said they hear dogs screaming every sunday evening !!!