Friday, May 07, 2010

Your Mother

She went through endless excruciating pain

To bring you into this World

And when you were too small

She helped you grow and become strong.

When you were too small to eat, she fed you,

When you cried she remained awake so you could sleep

And when you were sick, she cried.

She taught you to walk and she taught you to talk

She took you to the park so you could play

And when you waved to her - from a swing - a big smile on your face

It was her best reward

For, in seeing you happy, she found her joy

And forever and ever she told you she loved you

On your first day to school, you wouldn’t let her go away

She turned away but it broke her heart…

She taught you to read and she held your hand so you could write.

All this while, she ably balanced all other burdens …

Bread earner, homemaker and a wife

Untiring, and with never ending energy, she toiled

She desired only the best for you her child

And her happiness lay only in giving….

When you grew up and left home she cried

But stifled her sorrow for your happiness, your well being

And when you stood on our own two feet,

Educated and able to face life

Her heart swelled with pride.

And now you are grown up

And she – old and frail

And tired

She wants to do much more....

But her aching body prevails upon her will....

So she prays and prays

For you happiness and joy

Sometimes when you are impatient with her

Or do things to hurt her

She doesn’t mind – not at all

She knows nothing about being hurt by her own flesh and blood

Now - when she can’t walk do you hold her hand?

When she can’t eat – do you feed her?

And now, when she cries

Do you comfort her?

And like she always, always did – to you

Do you tell her you love her?

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