Thursday, May 06, 2010

Kasab gets Death....

So Kasab was sentenced to death. For many this was a foregone conclusion.

There was much 'hype' around this development, and a sense of 'jubilation' displayed by many - some directly associated with the case - like the public prosecutor, or others -who had nothing to do with the case but related to it anyway - as good citizens. All this made this development seem as if an end or a goal had been achieved.

Kasab's sentence should be seen as justice delivered to the near and dear ones of those that perished in the carnage that he and his friends were responsible for. Nothing more. And that too, justice delivered in a lower Court of law. For the law will allow Kasab to appeal in a higher Court.

Is it really that big a deal? It is not the end of India's fight against terrorism - make no mistake about that.

India's real fight against terrorism is with those responsible for planning such attacks. Those that spew the venom of hatred against our Country. Masterminds like Lakhvi and Saeed, and for that matter, Dawood.

None of these people have been punished. Instead, we have managed to send one insignificant pawn in the hands of these masterminds, to the gallows. One small fry, who could well have been killed soon after he unleashed terror on the evening of 26/11. He just happened to stay alive....and by condemning him to death, India is overcome with a sense of great achievement and satisfaction !

India's fight against terror has to go on till each known perpetrator of terror is brought to book. Be it individuals or even a whole Country.

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